Internationally, few art venues were designed from the very outset to be devoted servants to the distinct natural and architectural character of a specific location. AK Art Foundation, just one kilometer from Fira town centre on the road to Pyrgos, is an architectural triumph of 6000 square meters, which condenses and exalts the fundamental principles of Santorinean architecture. The gallery, exquisitely designed and constructed by Eleni Kolaitou and Katonas Asimis, takes wondrous advantage of the world-renowned Cycladic architecture and light to present exquisite samples of contemporary Greek artistic creation of larger scale. Both interior and exterior spaces are used for a wide range of exhibitions, often hosting large-scale creations, as well as cultural events. Besides the AK Art Foundation, works by the same artists are also exhibited at the AK Art Gallery in Fira town centre, next door to the cathedral, at the AK Art Gallery in Oia village centre, as well as at the AK Art Gallery Athens, 9 Kolokotroni Str, Kifissia, Athens, Greece.

Contact Details

Fira- Pyrgos Road Karterados 84700 Santorini Greece
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 5pm.
Tel: +30 2286 021506
For guided tours: +30 697 5572220
[email protected]