The AK Art Gallery in Fira, the oldest gallery on Santorini Island, was founded in 1980 by Christophoros Asimis and Eleni Kolaitou, the foremost artists in the island's contemporary art history. The historic flour mill was converted into a gallery 35 years ago by the two artists, boosting local contemporary artistic creation. The traditional character of the island at the time was reflected in the building's newly designated role; this is why to this day, it has retained its initial, purely Santorinean atmosphere in a highly imaginative combination with the modern artistic creations displayed. Since its inception, the gallery has been a focal point for the island's visitors, whether they are art lovers or not, and has led to the forging of a network of friends from all over the world, who visit again and again. The AK Art Gallery is located at one of the most spectacular spots on the caldera, in an ideal marriage between the incomparable beauty of the landscape and the inspiration engendered by Christophoros Asimis paintings and Eleni Kolaitou sculptures.

Contact Details

Fira 84700 Santorini Greece
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 12pm.
Tel: +30 2286 023041
[email protected]