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This exhibition offers a series of oil paintings and digital art based on the abstract morphology of the Cycladic landscape and architecture. Katonas Asimis’ semi-abstract art is based on the primeval forms which compose the Cycladic architecture. Forms and perspectives which are traced in the Santorinean landscape are pared down to their most elemental components, elucidating the inherent structure, language and spirit of their morphology. 
The paintings which emerge function as conductors of the sensations aroused by this architectural style. It is not by happenstance that the Cycladic architecture has been a source of inspiration for the great architects of Modernism and to this day, it continues to enthrall visitors on the island.  Similarly, Katonas’ works incorporate in an abstract manner those very same intrinsic principles which turn the architectural particularities of Santorini into poles of unparalleled attraction.
The artist demonstrates the universal character of the architectural praxis, to which we are all inextricably bound. A window is no longer represented as a mere window or opening, but embraces the spirit of transcendence. A wall detail is not simply characteristic of a Greek island, but dons the garments of a formalist element. We, wherever we are in the world, define the aesthetic importance and impact of this element through our own individual interpretation of space. This abstraction carries within itself the spirit and quintessence of universality.
  • Greek canvas oil painting demonstrating the effect of light on cycladic architecture by Greek contemporary artist Katonas Asimis
  • Greek canvas oil painting demonstrating the effect of light in cyclatic architecture by Greek contemporary Greek artist Katonas Asimis
  • Digital composition of archaic forms and blue strikes painted by Greek contemporary artist, Katonas Asimis
  • Digital composition of archaic cycladic forms, by Greek contemporary artist, Katonas Asimis
  • Digital composition of archaic cycladic forms, by Greek contemporary artist, Katonas Asimis
  • Greek canvas oil painting of Santorini style stairs, using soft blue paint streaks, by Greek contemporary artist Katonas Asimis
  • Greek canvas oil paintings, mainly blue themed, by contemporary Greek artist, Katonas Asimis, of Asimis art gallery
  • Greek canvas painting, of a minimal design using dark blue bold colours, painted by contemporary Greek artist, Katonas Asimis, of the Greek art gallery, Asimis
  • Minimal greek canvas oil painting, by contemporary Greek artist Katonas Asimis, who used black as the main colour, with only a small amount of brown details
Katonas Asimis

Katonas Asimis

Katonas studied Fine Arts in London and Architecture in Bath, UK. He worked as an artist in London, Athens, New York, Salonica and Santorini. His works have been displayed in various exhibitions internationally, such as the Venice Biennale and the Thessaloniki Biennale of Arts. His latest series, the subject of which is the rhythmology of Santorini, is exhibited at the AK Art Foundation. Also, the design and creation of the AK Art Foundation was collaboration between artists Katonas Asimis and Eleni Kolaitou.

A partly representational artist who utilizes a neo-expressionist style, Katonas is interested in the sensation which lies beneath the artistic outcome itself; he engages with the energy of intention and the metaphysical aspect of composition.

There are two fundamental directions which are consistently reflected in his work. On the one hand, he focuses on the human form, the human body and portraiture, and he investigates how these can be shaped or re-shaped according to the emotional weight they carry in themselves, or the psychological and existential emotional load they engender. His partially representational painting is based on the expressive correlation between the primary elements which make up his paintings – that is, the brush strokes which create them – and the purpose and sense of how they are positioned and ordered. It is exactly the intention and emotional weight of these correlations that illuminate the ties that bind the artist and his subject, the psychological, symbolic or emotional impact of what is being depicted.

At the same time, the artist examines the meaning and outcome of how the composition elements are arranged in semi-abstract painting. The starting point of this artistic direction is plasticity, order and the relationship among the fundamental elements which construct a scene. Ultimately, this process determines the aesthetic impact of these relationships, rendering image a declaration of the symbolic, the mysterious and the essential.

Katonas Asimis enhanced the architectural design of the AK Art Foundation building with his vision and superb understanding of both natural and artificial space. A visual artist of broad education and an international career, Katonas marries in his work the representational element with the mystery of abstraction, and he invites – challenges – the viewer to engage in his/her own, completely individual interpretation.

Selected exhibitions:

2016 'Santorini Rythmology- Achronos', AK Art Galleries, Santorini, Greece.

2015 'Santorini Rythmology' AK Art Galleries, Santorini, Greece.

2015 'Canaves Collection', Canaves Suites, Santorini, Greece.

2015 'Astra Collection', Astra Suites, Santorini Greece.

2014 'Santorini Today’, ArtThira Group Exhibition, Venetsanos Winery, Santorini, Greece.

2013 'Portraits', AK Athens Αrt Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2013 'Santorini Rhythmology', AK Art Foundation, Santorini, Greece.

2012 'Portraits', AK Art Foundation, Santorini,Greece.

2011 'UgoSissa Drawings/ Sketches and Paintings', Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy.

2011 'Drawings', AK Art Foundation, Santorini, Greece.

2010 'Group Exhibition', Phenomenon Αrt Gallery, Santorini, Greece.

2007 'Heterotopias', 'Public Screen Project', Thessaloniki Biennale, Salonica, Greece.

2007 'Refuge/ Art Asylum', 491 Gallery, London, UK.

2007 'Localizations', Empeirikeio Gymnasium, Andros, Greece.

2007 'Kypseli By Artists', Old Municipal Kypseli Market, Athens, Greece.

2006 '2nd Young Greek Artists Biennale', The Exhibition and Concert Municipal Hall Melina Merkouri, Hydra, Greece.

2004 'Placing the Presence' The Cass Gallery, London, UK.